Patient Testimonials

We value our patients’ experience at Brittian Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

Excellent staff! I feel like I got a thorough assessment of my back issues and then got excellent care! I can honestly recommend them with no hesitation.

Kenny S.

The staff is truely awsome. And i truely feel a difference in my tolerance in pain. And i can also do alot more things now without my back pain being on a level 10. Thank you all so much.

Deonna C.

My experience at Brittian Chiropractic has been a wonderful change in lifestyle. I have seen incredible results by going to this facility. The staff promotes a happy and enjoyable environment. After visiting, there is noticeable reduction in pain and leave feeling great every time.

Katie G.

Brittian Chiropractic Center is a very family oriented environment , where everyone is family. My results since starting here has been on point and very helpful. I recommend that you come by and try them once and see what happens for yourself… 😉

Tina T.

I am so grateful that a dear friend told me about Brittian Chiropractic Center. I almost believed that I would have to live the rest of my life dealing with pain and discomfort, but I DON’T. I haven’t felt this great in a LONG time. I have increased range of motion, I sleep better at night AND I have more energy !! Not to mention…EVERYONE at the Center are wonderful people and give you 5-star treatment! Thank you, thank you Brittian Chiropractic Center!

Bianca G.

I’ve been going since the first week of September, they are like FAMILY ! They are all so friendly, they greet you the moment you walk through the door and they never leave you alone ! The process is really quick but yet so helpful ! I couldn’t have picked a better chiropractic family!

Janski G.

The staff at this location are great with making sure that every need is met. Dr. Brittian is focused on educating you on your current condition and where you should be. Dr, Brittian takes him time when explaining what his course of action will be to get you where you need to be. I recommend Brittian Chiropractic Center to everyone.

Dee T.

This is a very professional and friendly office. I came in in a lot of pain and have shown improvement each week. Staff is always smiling and willing to answer questions. Treatment facilities are state of the art and I would recommend anyone to them if you need help.

Mike J.

I started seeing Dr. Brittian because of my neck , back, and shoulder pain that I have been experiencing for several months. I was tired of taking constant pain medications in trying to manage the problem. During my first visit, Dr. Brittian did an evaluation of my health problems, then carefully explained what was wrong and what needed to be done for improvement.

I had doubts about what results would be obtained, however after 2 months, I didn’t expect such fast results. I am very pleased with my care with Dr. Brittian. I appreciate the professionalism of the staff, approach of the office to my health concerns, and Dr. Brittian’s excellence in his knowledge of health and wellness. I have told numerous numbers of individuals about getting to Dr. Brittian for an evaluation.

I personally think chiropractic care will be a mainstay in my personal health for the rest of my life. I intend to continue on to keep up my improved health function.

Thanks for keeping me subluxation free.

Carol S.

I first started seeing Dr. Brittian because of pain I had been experiencing all over my body; lower back, legs, hands, neck, and hips. I was very frustrated about the progression and the length of time I have had those problems. I tried shots to my lower back and hips, but over the course of time it just seemed things were getting more severe. I heard Dr. Brittian speak at a community event and it gave me hope that there was something that could yet be done to help me.
I had been to a chiropractor before, but when visiting Dr. Brittian’s office I noticed it was different. He was not only concerned about the pain that I was experiencing, but asked questions about my overall health. The entire office was very warm and caring. After 5 months of care with Dr. Brittian I have little to no pain, I am functioning 10 times better than previously, and I am finally able to sleep throughout the night.

I tell everyone about the results and benefits I have obtained as a patient.

Thanks Brittian Chiropractic Center

Linda W.

I initially consulted Dr. Brittian for severe lower back pain with tingling and numbness in my left leg and foot. The pain had become increasingly agitating and after years of just dealing with it through medication, I decided I wanted to address the problem. My first impression of the office I noticed it was very nice and well coordinated in stressing concerns about my problems. I found Dr. Brittian to be well educated and knowledgeable in what he was doing.

After nearly a month of care my lower back pain was gone and the tingling into my leg and feet was very minimal. Several months into seeing Dr. Brittian I am completely pain free with no more tingling and numbness into my legs and feet. I am currently more active and feeling better than I have in years.

I have referred several of my friends to Dr. Brittian and they all have come back returning thanks. If you are having problems, I would recommend seeing Dr. Brittian.

Thanks for your help Dr. Brittian

Larry H.